* about us
We are a Gospel Bluegrass / Bluegrass group. Our roots
are in gospel music and we travel to Churches and
Bluegrass events through out the Eastern United
States. We originated as a Church group in South
Eastern Kentucky and have evolved into a ministry
spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and
(Special Thanks To)
Joyce Parker who had the vision to start this group and
was inspired by her Father and the country Church in
Eastern Kentucky where she was raised.

We would like to thank all those who have helped us
on our mission to serve God, To witness to others, and
through something me might do, say or in song, that
would bring someone closer to God
                Band Members
Dorman Karr- Banjo, Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vovals
Danny Whitaker- Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals
Darryl Messer- Mandolin, Lead and Harmony Vocals
Mike Hamilton- Bass, Harmony Vocals